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Silver Label

£ 3.99

Silver Label by Vapour0hm

Do you remember a time when premium branded cigarettes didn’t cost you a fortune, well Our Silver Label tobacco is a must for all the premium tobacco lovers out there as it gives an aromatic experience with a smooth draw and a great throat blast which will leave a satisfying tongue tingle for some time after your last puff. What’s more is that our Premium Tobacco experience comes without all the nastiness of a cigarette and is at least 90% cheaper than smoking.
Like all our e-liquids its developed to maximize the life of your coil as we use the highest quality flavourings mixed with the perfect blend of PG ad VG

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg

All Our liquids are:
Made in ISO Accredited Facilities
TPD Approved
Pharma Grade Nicotine
Quality UK Flavour
Batch Tested
95 % safer
at least 90% cheaper

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