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Common Answers and Questions

Take the time to read our F.A.Q section. In case you want to contact directly please view our Contact page.

Does vaping affect my health?

The NHS state E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking: READ MORE

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, Vapourohm offers a standard 14-day long distance refund as long as the item is in new condition and has not been opened,please read our terms and conditions plus our returns policy.

How do I get discounts?

Join us on facebook, and become a member of this site (automatic after your first purchase) then you will receive news of special promotions, and discount codes.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all major Credit Cards, WorldPay and Paypal.


There are several options available to get your goods as quickly as possible as cheaply as possible, please read our Delivery Policy

What is the lifespan of the batteries?

We honour a three month warranty. After that period, assuming you've taken care of it, we have seen them last anywhere from 3 months up to a year.

How often do I need to change my coil?

When you get a burning taste or you might find it hard to get a draw. Typically a coil could last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

What is PG/VG?

Propylene Glycol is used as a flavouring carrier in food products, as an ingredient in food colouring and also used as an additive in various medicines such as inhalers. A combined base of PG/VG blend is much more smooth than 100% PG base. It is also non toxic. Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet, thick, vegetable based liquid produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil and as such is very commonly found in food stuffs and cosmetics. VG is also non toxic.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

If you smoke between 1-10 cigarettes a day we recommend a 6mg strength. If you smoke between 10-15 cigarettes a day we recommend a 12mg strength. If you smoke between 15-20 cigarettes a day we recommend a 18mg strength. If you smoke upwards of 20 cigarettes a day we recommend a 24mg strength for that extra kick!

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PLEASE NOTE: You must be over 18 years old to purchase from our stores or online Its the LAW

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